My Own Fiction and Poetry


400th Anniversary (1616-2016): “The Matrix Meets A Midummer Night’s Dream” by Myselfie

Microfiction. Text 002: “An Orange-white Umbrella of Fire Bent From the Pod’s Surface” by Myselfie
Microfiction. Text 001: “Jagged Pieces of Light Inspired by Rajaniemi’s Fiction” by Myselfie

World Poetry Day 2016, March the 21st: “Rub: Predicament


A Short Tale Suggested by a Murnau Picture Taken from Faust: “Schatten im Friedhof” by Manuel Augusto Antão

Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, and I: The Rub of Death, the Rub of Love
Shakespeare and I: “Shakespeare’s Bastardization

Shakespeare and I: “A Haiku Poem

Shakespeare and I: “Love’s Prick
Hail All Things Medieval: “Shakespeare’s Ghosts
To Sonnetate or not to Sonnetate, that is the Question: “Os Sonetos de Shakespeare” by William Shakespeare and Vasco Graça Moura
The Physics of the Impossible: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare, Burton Raffel, Harold Bloom